“Banana Sundae” funny men Zanjoe Marudo and Empoy Marquez are back together to serve laughs, this time with the 2018 comedy film “Kusina Kings” which premieres on KBO this weekend.

When the movie came out early this year, its director, Victor Villanueva, wanted to give viewers the chance to rediscover the humor of other old comedy greats such as Rene Requiestas and the men of “Palibhasa Lalake,” on top of offering a heartwarming story of friendship.

The movie revolves around best friends Ronnie (Zanjoe) and BeLaugh trip ang hatid ni Zanjoe at Empoy sa KBO!njie (Empoy) who joined a reality cooking challenge in hopes of saving their restaurant from bankruptcy.

Doubling the fun is a supporting cast of comedic talent composed of Ryan Bang, Jayson Gainza, Jun Sabayton, Nathalie Hart, and Maxine Medina.

KBO viewers also have the chance to see two of the biggest loveteams of the country, JaDine and KathNiel.

Starred by James Reid and Nadine Lustre, “Never Not Love You,” tells the story of Gio (James) and Joanna (Nadine) as they try to build a life together until career opportunities sends them to London where their relationship will be tested.

One of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s blockbuster movie, “Crazy Beautiful You” airs once more on KBO. Watch how Daniel Padilla’s character, Kiko, changes the life of the spoiled brat Jackie played by Kathryn Bernardo.

Meanwhile, catch the TV premiere of “Throwback Today,” starring “Exes Baggage” star Carlo Aquino, where he played the jobless man, Primo, who gets to communicate with his 20 year old self via his old computer.

Join Vhong Navarro as he finds a way for his crush to love him in “Bulong.”