Young Designers At Metrowear 2017 Gave Fashion Tips For The New Millennial Girl

Yesterday, three of the biggest names in Philippine Fashion, Patty Ang, Mark Bumgarner, and Michael Leyva showcased their beautiful works in Metrowear 2017 held at City of Dreams, Pasay City. In the last few years, Patty, Mark, and Michael are slowly making their mark in the industry, not just with their designs but also through their inspiring beginnings that have led them to their current triumphs.

But at the top of their heads as a challenge, what fashion tip can they give to the new millennial girl?

Mark’s answer is very short but meaty. He said, “Less is More..” As we can also see from his designs, he showcased an all-white palette color of his gowns.

Patty is also a minimalist in nature. She answered, “I honestly don’t follow anything noh but everyone that knows me personally like I wear white shirt and jeans everyday I mean it’s always comfort that goes first and just easiness. I don’t really honestly follow anything that should be followed.”

But surprisingly, Michael’s answer is very different from the two other designers. He shared with us, “Well, I always wanted More is More eh. I wanted them to like dress up always. It’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed.” As we can see in his designs, he really gave an effort with his beautiful couture gowns.

They all showcased a style for the modern woman showing strength and power through their designs. Patty describes herself as ‘a woman who designs for women,’ and her clothes are not merely showcase pieces, but rather real clothing that are both functional and comfortable, making a woman feel powerful and confident at the same time. Mark’s designs are a masterful blend of softness and structure that celebrates femininity and lastly, Michael who is known for his meticulous eye for detail, romantic silhouettes and exquisite use of tulle, lace and embroidery.

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