Still clueless what to get your quirky aunt, your best friend who has it all, or your picky dad? Fret no more. Be surprised, just like certified shopaholic, Kris Aquino, with real great finds at where you can choose from over 300 brands and many more products! The best part is that Adobomall ensures that every item you buy is real, authentic, and straight from the distributors—guaranteed!
Filipinos have their share of doubts when shopping online; but the Queen of Shopping shares her tips to slay online shopping and some tricks she has rolled up her sleeve to a hassle-free shopping experience, especially this Christmas:

1. Make sure the online shopping site is verified!

Sometimes, the discounts presented by other shopping sites can be tempting. But make sure to check the legitimacy of these sites! “Don’t shop with ‘fly by night’ or unverified shopping sites that don’t have credit card protection/encryption capabilities. You can easily fall into a trap of giving your information to scammers,” said Kris about making sure you’re protected when shopping online.

The first thing she looks for is a “Secured Payment” logo in the shopping site. This gives her the assurance that her credit card info and personal data will be kept secure when she transacts online.

2. Save by signing up for promos.
“Make sure to sign up to get notifications for flash sales! Sometimes the savings can really be super awesome,” Kris shared, with exclusive discounts being given to those who are subscribed. At, you wouldn’t want to miss buying special discounted items this holiday season!

3. Your loved one’s wish list is under your command!
Save yourself from the hassle of guessing the gift your loved ones would like to have. Instead, ask for their wish lists. Ask them to check and list out the items they’d like to have. “This will save you the hassle of traffic and them the hassle of exchanging,” shared Kris.

It’s time to fill-up that Adobomall bayong this Christmas! Visit or download the app on iTunes or GooglePlay.