Sarah Geronimo comes back with her new single “Sandata” which is about finding strength between challenges and difficulties in life.

The music video for “Sandata” helped in clearly voicing out the message of the song and inserted scenarios of a woman experiencing depression, a wife being physically abused by her husband, and a student facing his bullies.

The chorus of the song “Sa digmaan na ito, ikaw lang ang sandata ko. Baliktarin man ang mundo, ipaglalaban ang pag-ibig mo. Ako ay iyo.” likely relates to how Sarah felt during one of her “THIS 15 ME” tour in the US wherein she opened up that she feels very exhausted and is still yearning fulfillment in spite of her successful and fruitful career.

However, she told her fans and the audience right at the end of her “THIS 15 ME” tour that she now had a clear answer to her own question about finding fulfillment and happiness. There she said that it’s not love life nor fame and riches that will make someone eternally happy and contented but the good relationship that you have with God.

Sarah’s fans expressed their positive comments and message to all people who are experiencing the social issues tackled in the song and music video, offering encouragements to them to always remember that we have our “Greatest Sandata”.

The music video was a bit different from Sarah’s fierce and dance concept but this just shows how she is one of the most artistic singers in the music industry with a voice that can talk about social issues and spread awareness.