Rico Blanco Returns To Dubai For A Rare Music Performance Via “One Music X”

Poignant without sounding too tacky. Eclectic yet focused. These are some of the words best describe how one of the most loved and revered artists in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, Rico Blanco, speaks to his listeners in a way that no artists can and one of his best-known hit “Your Universe” is proof of this.

In a March 2017 article written by the pool of writers of the Philippine franchise of the music authority Billboard PH, the writers describe Blanco’s feat:

“He has (more) written, recorded, and produced hits locally and regionally than any other Filipino musician since 1994”.

Today, November 3, as TFC, Star Music, Myx, MOR 101.9 For Life and One Music PH gather the Philippine music industry’s creative music geniuses and top-rating performers for the next biggest music fest in the Middle East at the Dubai Media City Amphitheater, enthusiasts in Dubai will become witness to the return of the rock icon after years of hiatus.

From a self-proclaimed retirement after his 2015 album “Dating Gawi”, Blanco returns not only to the music scene but also to Dubai where he last performed in 2015.

Bringing with him his unique brand of sweet melancholy mixed with his complex views, Blanco stretches his musical muscles to affect his audience yet again the way he has been known for as a legend.

However, despite the many labels, Blanco is one of those superstars hesitant to claim these tags. In fact, he dispels the label Rock Icon of His Generation and labels himself rather as a super composer, concert master and as simple as bestfriend ‘Korics’.

Blanco explains: “It’s hard to really choose or label just one as the influence. I myself have absorbed a lot of music and non-music influences. To just site two or more people I worked — former bandmates, current bandmates, and musicians I’ve worked with — they’re my biggest influences. These include my colleagues in the industry – all of them and they influence me a lot”.

Fans claim this as true. In fact, Blanco invites his followers who also have a knack for music, to jam with him and learn from his over two decades of musical experience.

According to highly popular site 8List.ph’s Tim Henares in an article dated June 2014, “Rico Blanco (is) one of the most gifted musicians of our generation, (and) is definitely respected and in high regard. Despite that, the man doesn’t revel in being a rock star, or at least, doesn’t make you feel it, even if it oozes out of him every step of the way”.

Music enthusiasts are in it for a music experience as Blanco returns for the only performance he has accepted this year — “One Music X”. In fact, Blanco’s discography reveals a four to three-year gap: Your Universe in 2008; Galactik Fiestamatik in 2012; and Dating Gawi in 2015.

However, when he does return to the music scene, Blanco may be a world of his own but he knows how to compromise. In an article written by Nathalie Tomada of Philippine Star in February 2015, she said: “The key to Rico’s return to basics, something other successful artists can’t, especially if ego creeps in the head to perpetuate the I-can-do-what-I-want-attitude, is his decision to follow the rock ‘n roll book — don’t be too weird. That it is an inspired work, with him writing most of the songs in just days, helped with the turnaround”.

From music to movies to business ventures and especially social enterprise, Blanco exercises the same controlled grit and flexibility. He has been part of the local version of “Jesus Christ Superstar” in the 1970s; the Sesame Street “Kid Ako” campaign in 2011; “Imortal” of the Moonstone series where television phenomena “La Luna Sangre” is also part of; dabbled in recording business and bar management. Most importantly, he also advocates for social causes when the need arises.

As a true-blue Filipino who advocates for talent, he is only more than proud to be part of “One Music X”.

Joining Blanco are Rock Superstar Yeng Constantino alongside Soul Supreme KZ; Teen Singing Sensation Inigo Pascual; Pop-rock Band Silent Sanctuary; plus EDM sensation DJ Moophs and EDM artist Xela together with Pop R & B performer Josh McCartney and reggae performer Emmanuel Marie.

Hosting the “One Music X” are Myx’s premier VJ and award-winning host Robi Domingo and homegrown favorite VJ Ai of Myx; and Ang Nagiisang Diyosa sa Balat ng Radyo MOR For Life’s DJ Chacha.

Tickets are at AED 135 for General Admission and AED 245 for VIP tickets and are available at the venue. You can still buy four tickets and get one free under the Barkada Bundle.

Level up your “One Music X” experience by downloading the event app — TFC Live — available on PlayStore and AppStore for free. For more information visit facebook.com/TFCEurope.

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