Actress-model Nathalie Hart proudly showed off her growing baby bump in her latest Instagram post. In the caption, she even revealed the name of her baby.

Nathalie is currently five months pregnant with her baby, Penelope. This soon-to-be mom is obviously very excited in her new role, not in the showbiz industry, but in her personal life.

It seems that Nathalie is blooming beautifully into her pregnancy. “From x-small to medium or large in just 5 months,” she captioned the photo that showed the five-month difference of her body.

“I feel more happier now and blessed,” she added.

Her baby is also showing signs of being energetic. “Also Penelope is kicking every midnight,” Nathalie shared in the post.

Answering a fan’s question in an Instagram story, she revealed that she feels overwhelmed and emotional about her pregnancy. “I always wanted to be a mom,” she shared.

Having children really changes a person’s perspective. This Abay Babes actress expressed having “different priorities and choices from now on.”