Asianovela Channel is bringing the Asian drama experience on a new level for TVplus users as it launches eight uncut popular shows from South Korea, China, and Taiwan this October.

Headlining the offerings for this month is China’s “A Love So Beautiful” starring Shen Yue, the actress who plays Shancai in the 2018 Meteor Garden remake. In the coming-of-age series, Shen Yue breathes life into Chen Xiaoxi who has a huge crush on Jiang Chen (Hu Yitian), a popular classmate with an icy demeanor. Together, they go through growing pains with their other classmates and confront their blossoming feelings towards each other.

Another exciting show that’s packed with kilig is South Korea’s “I am not a Robot,” which follows the story of a woman who finds herself in a love triangle after pretending to be a robot that can pass off as her spitting image.

Meanwhile, drama unfolds in the Taiwanese series “My Dearest Intruder” where two best friends fall madly in love with the same guy.

Other hit K-Drama titles that fans will definitely go crazy over are the melodrama “High Society,” the fantasy-thriller “W,” the period romance “Hwarang,” the Vampire medical drama “Blood,” and the family drama “Mask.”