Jeffree Star is a world famous YouTube beauty guru. The beauty icon reviews newly released makeup products by different brands and posts his videos on YouTube in his channel.

Star is one of leading makeup beauty guru right now, and he has been known for his signature trademark “Jeffree Star Approved”. Looking at the formula of the beauty products and giving his subscribers an fans a save if ever the products is it worth the price or a total rip off.

Recently, he indirectly called out another YouTuber in his IG story. He refused to state the individuals name on his IG story because he believed it was some sort of cheap ‘publicity’ stunt. Star accused the YouTuber of stealing his trademark phrase, and following it up by having no originality. The self-made makeup brand owner commented in one of local makeup vloggers video whom is known as Michelle Dy.

“Stealing my ‘Approved’ series and trademarked title is pathetic… but that’s what boring unoriginal people people do,” Jeffree Star comments. He continues by stating that Dy will be hearing from Star’s lawyers soon.

Michelle Dy is now cancelledt ๐Ÿ‘ bye mOmsHieChanel Vs Sm Novaliches. #TeamJeffreeStar#BuyJoanneOnItunes

Posted by Ernst Dela Cruz on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Michelle Dy shows how this viral post went viral and immediately deleted the video from her channel. She has also apologized formally directed to Jeffree Star through Twitter. Followed it with showing how scared she is about the viral issue with a world famous influencer. She also states how hard it has been on her part and it has been affecting her to receive so much backlash, but she had no intentions of truly stealing the trademark of Star.

Although she still receives backlash from people across the world and here in the PH, she responded once and for all the backlash from people.