Kris Aquino welcomed 2017 with a new home. She openly shared each and every part of the house except the kitchen as she wanted to save the best for the last. Now, the time has come as the Queen of All Media exposed how her new kitchen looks like. She did a full feature on her kitchen and even a quick tutorial on her twice-cooked adobo tutorial.

“Doing The Kris List brought me out of my comfort zone. And truthfully, it revealed a lot of new things about me,” said Kris as she introduced her newest episode of The Kris List. The TV host-actress already has uploaded 12 episodes of The Kris List prior to the newest one including “Calligraphy”, “Camping, “Laing”, “Driving with Deakin”, “Breakfast for Dinner”, “Girl Boss”, “Sacred Heart”, “Vision Petron”, “Quick Questions with Kris”, “Women in Sports”, “Sisig with Tom Rodriguez”, and “Pulse of the City”. She is now down to her last episode where she chose to “do something even more introspective and a lot more personal” and featured the heart of her home, the kitchen.

“For this episode, I’m sharing something with all of you we’ve tried our best no to show. Because, I wanted to save the best for last. Welcome to a very special place,” Kris indeed wanted to make the last episode of the series extra special as she let the people have a peek at her kitchen.

As she exposed the place where she prepares food for her sons, Kris taught the viewers a very dear recipe to her which originated from Janice De Belen. The twice-cooked adobo which Kris cooked in the video is an upgraded version of what she has learned from the co-actress.

The video ended with a lovely family dinner shared with Kris, Josh, and Bimby. The boys shared their favorite parts of their new home. Josh’s favorite according to him is the pool and jacuzzi while Bimbly exclaimed that his favorite part are the arcades.

Watch the full video here: