Winner of X-Factor Philippines 2012, soul singer, composer, and award-winning recording artist, Kristine Zhenie Lobrigas Tandingan or commonly known as KZ Tandingan joined Singer 2018 on its fifth episode. Singer is a singing competition in China that challenges professional singers to win the audience votes. The votes decide each week’s winner and eliminated contestant. Following the eliminations, the show introduces a new challenger.

On Friday (February 9, 2018), 歌手官方频道 THE SINGER uploaded a video that shocked everyone and made almost all Filipinos proud. The Youtube channel posted KZ Tandingan’s first performance in the competition. The video showed KZ’s version of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. Her version stunned the audience as she rolled the three genres into one song: folk, reggae and jazz.

Not hating on Adele, we all love her and her songs, she will always our go-to whenever we just want to pour our hearts out. But with what KZ did, she made us feel that its hers. She owned the song and transformed it completely.

On her instagram post last February 8, KZ shared that she will be competing in Singer 2018.

And just today, through an IG post, KZ showed how grateful she is for having the experience to showcase her talent, not only to the Filipino people, but also, to the people around the world. She shared how her faith helped her go through the episode. And of course, for being the number one on her debut episode.

This photo was taken a few moments before the lights dimmed and the music started to fill the whole studio. I took a couple of deep breaths and i just whispered, “Lord, now it is time for You to take over”. I went to China with only my love for music, my dreams and the support of my loved ones. I don’t even think anybody in China knew me. Hehe It felt like I was jumping off a cliff and just hoping theres a little cushion of acceptance at the bottom. I was scared the Chinese audience wouldn’t appreciate how odd I am as an artist but I was surprised. The moment I walked out, they were on their feet, cheering and welcoming me like I’m someone they already know. I sang my heart out and I did what I could. After performing, I told my manager, “sir, whether I survive the challenge round or don’t, I’m gonna come home happy and proud because I did everything I could”. That night, It wasn’t just me doing the performance, It was God, singing, moving and performing through me. When I asked Him to take over, He really did. He showed up, and He showed out, beautifully. Using someone as little as me to show how amazing He is. Thank you everyone for all your support! I will forever cherish this in my heart! I will continue to do my best. -KZ

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Some of the netizens, showed how proud they are for another achievement of our kababayan

Congratulations KZ, and good luck on the next round!