One of the famous girls of the Kardashian clan have shocked the public by announcing the birth of her and Travis Scott’s daughter. After months of speculation on why Kylie have gone MIA on social media, wherein she is very actively involved.

The 20-year-old reality star revealed that it was her choice to keep the entire process a secret as she thanked her friends and family for supporting her all throughout this life-changing process.

Hours after her statement, she also posted a video on her Youtube channel, showing intimate details of her life over the last nine months.

Her family and friends were truly amazing for respecting her privacy and ensuring that she is not alone every step of the way. Khloe have posted a throwback picture of their baby bump together – expressing her awe and love to her sister while her friend, Heather Sanders, have also posted their picture at the baby shower – with a heart-warming caption about spending the experience together.

A lot of women, teenagers and adults, have expressed their love, support, and respect to the lady for being empowered on her pregnancy. Despite those negative comments about Kylie, Twitter have been showering positivities to her and her new-born baby.

Congratulations, Kylie! Your baby will surely be as beautiful as you are.