July 10, 2018 was supposed to be Kris Aquino and James Yap’s 13th wedding anniversary in which they sealed the deal back in 2005 and called it quits in 2012.

Surprisingly, Kris brought us back to a difficult time in her life through her recent Instagram post in which the photo itself says, “She is at a place in her life where peace is her priority and negativity cannot exist.”

Kris did not mention James in her post but it was obviously directed to him due to the caption that was included in the photo.

“13 years ago today we made a commitment BUT fate took us in different directions. Yet together we produced 1 of my 2 greatest achievements aka BIMB”, says Kris. She then proceeds to wish James and his family peace and lasting happiness, and even included the hashtags ‘#anythingandeverythingformybunso’ and ‘#peaceinmyheart.

Kris and James have always been toe to toe with each other before and even after their marriage which greatly affected their career and family. Who knows? Maybe both of them are finally moving on from the feud.