It seems like one of the Filipinos’ strength is being admired by many international artists and Korean actor Jung Hae-in is one of those who recognized our happy faces. Hae-in said during his “Smile Fan Meeting” in Manila that he likes how Filipino people always smile.

Hae-in was asked by the fan meet host what does he like about his Filipino fans to which he answered that he likes how Filipinos always smile because it looks beautiful that is why he wants to make his fans happy.

Hae-in’s Smile Fan Meeting in Manila last Saturday, June 30, 2018 at the Kia Theater, was attended by many K-Drama fans who were fascinated by the actor’s acting in “While You Were Sleeping”.

Hae-in was strongly recognized for playing a second-lead role in “While You Were Sleeping” with co-stars Lee Jong-suk and Suzy Bae. He was then offered a main role in “Something in the Rain” with actress Song Ye-jin.

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Hae-in did many activities and games during the fan meeting and he also shared some facts about him during the #AskHaein segment.

Lucky fans also got the opportunity to play games with Hae-in and have a photo with the handsome actor. The lucky fans were picked via a small game involving some members of the audiences holding boards with the letters A and B. Hae-in will be asked questions and the fans holding the boards will choose between A or B, and the ones who answered the same with Hae-in will remain standing while the ones who got the wrong answer will go back to their seats.

Supposedly only three fans will win the chance to have a photo taken with Hae-in but because he was such a nice and loving actor, all the six fans who got to play basketball, Jenga, and the Filipino game “Pitik Bulag” took a photo with him.

After all the games and activities, Hae-in shared to his Filipino fans how thankful and happy he was by reading his letter.

The fan meeting ended with a video of Hae-in thanking his fans and promising that he will come back again to meet them.

Thank you for making us smile, Hae-in.