After passing through several road bumps with husband Alister Kurzer, Jewel Mische is now out of the hospital and carrying a bouncing baby girl into their new house.

Jewel Mische and her American husband met each other in a church during Alister’s trip to the Philippines back in 2012. They have been engaged since October of 2014 and tied the knot on February of the next year.

The couple had agreed to name their first born “Aislah Rose”, with Aislah pronounced as eye-la. They chose this name because of the biblical & sentimental reasons behind it.

It was a particularly tough journey for the Starstruck Season 4 Ultimate Sweetheart since Jewel and her husband had to extend their stay at the hospital.

Through patience and faith, the couple went home with their daughter in their arms with big smiles.

Alister Kurzer updated his IG feed completed with a picture of him holding his princess affectionately, welcoming her to her new home which the couple fondly calls Rosewood Castle.

After numerous comments from their friends that their house looked like a miniature castle, surrounded with lots of trees, along with their mutual love of roses, they stuck with that name.