Jeric Kills Investigator In Murder Of Joshua’s Father In “The Good Son”

The truth becomes more elusive for Joseph (Joshua Garcia) after SPO1 Colmenares (Michael Rivero), the investigator that handled the murder case of his father, was killed in cold blood by Dado (Jeric Raval), Olivia’s (Eula Valdez) driver and illicit lover in “The Good Son.”

Taking matters into his own hands, Dado killed SP01 Colmenares in order to keep his relationship with Olivia a secret and make sure the authorities don’t find out about it. However, justice will haunt the couple as another police officer, SPO1 Colmenares’ brother, takes his place in the investigation into Victor’s (Albert Martinez) death.

Meanwhile, after having caught Olivia and Dado kissing each other, Enzo kept mum and chose not to tell the authorities about his mother’s lies in order to protect her and their family from being held suspects.

But Enzo did not face his battle alone as his half-brother Joseph (Joshua Garcia) stood by his side and welcomed him to their home with open arms.

How will SPO1 Colmenares’ death change the course of the investigation? How can Olivia and Dado continue to conceal their relationship?

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