JC de Vera finally opens up about his family two months after his baby daughter was born.

The “Since I Found You” actor shared on Instagram a series of family photos with his long-time non-showbiz girlfriend Rikkah and their newborn baby daughter Lana Athena. In the caption he wrote, “My Strength. My happiness. My Inspiration. My motivation. My Love. My Life.”

On JC’s Instagram post, he gave thanks to those who provided them the family photos and took shots during his daughter’s Christening. He also expressed how happy he felt and the happiness can be visibly seen through JC’s smiles and facial reactions in the photos.

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What a way to start our lovely day ❤️ #LanaAthena

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After having the relationship with his girlfriend private, this is the first time that JC will reveal his own family to the public.

On some of JC’s recent IG stories, it was obvious how the actor loves clinging to his baby daughter as he always smooches the baby’s cheeks and hugs her tight.

JC’s daughter was recently baptized and was attended by several celebrities including his “Banana Sundae” co-hosts John Prats and Pooh, and Nadia Montenegro. Nadia is one of the godparents of Lana Athena.

They are very lucky to have a very cute baby daughter! Congratulations JC and Rikkah!