The pontianak, the Malay ghost believed to be a vampire-esque spirit widely spoken of in Singapore creeps its way into homes this weekend as HBO features “Nobody,” the third episode of its horror anthology “Folklore.”

Afraid of public reaction and bad omen, Mr. Kang (Louis Wu), an owner of a construction company, instructs his men, Lim (Maguire Jian), and Peng (Li Wen Qiang), to burn the body of a dead girl abandoned near the site instead of reporting it to the authorities.

But Peng does not follow his boss’ order. He buries the body and as he does this, he notices a nail push through into her nape and pulls it out. He does no know that he has awakened a pontianak and triggered a series of unfortunate events that will plague his co-workers.

HBO Asia’s ‘Folklore’ draws on the local myths from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. It initially aired the Indonesian movie, “A Mother’s Love. Following “Nobody” are tales from Thailand (“Pob”), Malaysia (“Toyol”), and Korea (“Mongdal”).

Episodes are helmed by different directors from various Asian countries, and are filmed in the local language of the country that the episode is based in.