“Funny One” Champ Donna Cariaga Reflects On Her Newfound Fame In “Tapatan Ni Tunying”

Upcoming comedienne Donna Cariaga takes a serious turn as she reflects on the big changes in her life in “Tapatan ni Tunying” this Friday (January 5).

After winning in the “Funny One” segment of “It’s Showtime,” Donna said the last months have been hectic for her as opportunities, fame, and projects came storming in. While she now has few days to rest because of her work, the proud mother said she is more than thankful for the changes in her life.

“We are planning to invest to prepare for our baby’s education. We don’t know how long this lucky break given to me will last so we need to invest what we have now so it doesn’t go to waste,” she said of her plans.

She also shared that she is willing to go outside her comfort zone of comedy, if given the opportunity.

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“If ever there I will be given roles in other genres, I will still accept them. Right now, I am willing to accept any offers,” she said.

Just like Donna, transgender beauty pageant patron Jennifer Collins is also experiencing big changes in her life. The former “It’s Showtime” Miss Q&A contestant lost her leg after being involved in a vehicular accident in August last year.

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With her disability, she can no longer travel around Luzon as easily to work on pageants, where she would do make up, dress up contestants, train people, and even join the pageants herself, to help her family financially. Yet, she remains hopeful and positive.

“I can now stand and use a walker which is good. Many cannot believe how fast I have recovered in just four months. Perhaps I can thank my positivity for it,” she told Anthony.

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