With great power comes with great responsibility. Former actress and host Nanette Medved Po found a new calling through the organization Generation Hope and Hope in a Bottle that builds schools for children in which she herself founded.

Playing the iconic role of Darna made her realize the opportunity she saw in her career to touch the lives of various kinds of people in different ages, not only to inspire them with Darna’s heroism but also the external factor of leveraging popularity to do something more.

Being able to witness poverty firsthand as well as seeing the great impact that businesses can contribute to the community, Nanette was able to build a discipline from the idea of selling bottled water where the funds generated by this project is used for building classrooms.

Taking a leap in to the business world was not an easy task for her especially having no prior experience in the field, but her path of being a well known actress opened doors for her in to taking a new one. She partnered up with big companies such as Starbucks and 7/11 which shared the same goal and was very encouraging with the whole purpose of what she’s trying to do.

According to Nanette, She wanted something that could influence a small portion of the population but still creates a large ripple effect in the process, which is why building classrooms was the best idea especially since it was just what the government needed during the time.

With their partnership with the Department of Education, they have built over 57 classrooms in the Philippines. It may not be much of an impact in the macro level but lives are changed and inspired little by little each year.

Hope is slowly achieved through the millions of bottled water they sell each year. But more than that, their ultimate goal is to encourage other companies to also find a social good that they are willing to invest in.

It’s in trying to change the mindset of the business community towards the knowledge of doing something good will capture the recognition of the market, and at the same time create a huge difference.