Marian Rivera already mentioned about Dingdong’s possible plans on running for office earlier this month. She says that she knows he’s running for office, though not particularly sure on the exact position yet.

Recent reports also says that Dingdong is being considered by the Liberal Party for the senatorial race next year.

However, couple of days ago, Marian was already being evasive on the matter. She said that Dingdong should be the one to answer the questions, adding that she finds nothing wrong if Dingdong actually decides to run for office.

Comedian Ogie Diaz wrote his sentiments on the matter on his latest ‘Mama Ogs Answers’ on Facebook.

When asked if it is alright for him if Dingdong runs for senator, Ogie gives his support and even tags Dingdong on the Facebook thread.

Dingdong wrote a reply back to Ogie to officially confirm that he is indeed not running for Senator. He thanks Ogie for the support, though.

After months of rumors and unanswered questions, we finally get a confirmation from Dingdong himself.