Depression Fuels Success Story In “My Puhunan”

People get into business for different reasons. For Cathy Brillantes-Turvil, the owner of the paradise-like Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay City, it became a way for her to fight through her depression. Know her inspiring success story this Tuesday (January 9) on “My Puhunan” with Karen Davila.

Cathy had to raise her children on her own after separating with her husband. To help her get back on track as she goes through a dark time in her life, her doctor advised her to find something to get her busy. With the money she saved, she decided to put up a massage business. While she had a problem with a former business partner, she did not allow this to derail her from pursuing her dream for Nurture.

Currently, the Nurture Wellness Village is well-known for different services, activities, and products, which health and fitness buffs from all over the world go to Tagaytay for. While putting it up this business has brought her healing, it has also enabled her to help other people and touch lives.

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