“Dear Other Self” Movie To Talk About The Risks And Possibilities Of Choosing Happiness Over Responsibility

Directed by Ronnie Velasco, the movie Dear Other Self will be a one-of-a-kind Filipino film in this age that will talk about the risks and possibilities of the choices people make in life, and more specifically the unlimited “what ifs” in a breadwinner’s existence.

In a press conference last May 5, Velasco, together with Jinky Laurel, the co-writer of the script, and its cast Jodi Sta. Maria, Joseph Marco, and Xian Lim, explained about the main concept of the movie which is one of the important things in a millennial life. Moreover, the cast shared their working experiences with each other since its their first time and the time they had filming.

Velasco reiterated that the movie will give a new and refreshing element to the audience as it will be the first time that a person’s choice will be presented “side by side.” She also added that people will see what really happens in the choices they will pick or otherwise, or what will be the risks when they let go of responsibilities and choose happiness.

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Furthermore, Velasco and Laurel explained some of the significant points of the film. According to Velasco, the movie will “definitely” show the struggles of a breadwinner in the family especially in the Filipino context. “As Filipinos, lahat tayo nakaka-relate doon; but the narrative turns into something else,” she said.

Laurel also assured that the movie will not just touch the lives of breadwinners but also the “people who chose to pursue their passion and [those people who did something] instead of staying behind to fulfill their responsibilities.”

Upon writing the story, the two explained that they have “interviewed millennial travelers and a lot of their sentiments was shown in the movie. That’s the time when they’ve decided that the story has to be told.”

Moreover, they pointed out that it’s up to the viewers to decide whether the choice the character will choose will be a selfish act or not. As Velasco stated, “how many times will that opportunity come? Baka naman, it’s one of those moments na kapag pinalagpas mo, [it’s] gone forever.”

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Dear Other Self will follow the story of Becky, played by Jodi Sta. Maria, who is torn between living the responsible life as the breadwinner of the family or go on a journey that will fulfill the thing she loves the most and finding her own happiness.

Joseph Marco will play as Chris, a dependable boy-next-door who’s an epitome of every girl’s ideal guy. Meanwhile, Xian Lim will portray Henry, an adventurous guy from Thailand who loves to live in every moment of his life up to its fullest extent.

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Dear Other Self will be on theaters nationwide starting May 17. Save the date!

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