Captain America is known as a hero that saves the world. Little did we know that he already saved a rescue dog.

In honor of the National Pet Day on April 11, Chris Evans shared a nostalgic moment, back when he first met his rescue dog, Dodger.

Dodger wagging his tail and licking his soon-to-be dad in the video was the moment that the pair knew, they were in no doubt meant to be together. With much love, Chris even made his dog the cover image of his Twitter account.

Chris and Dodger already had several moments together, and of course, Chris wouldn’t let those precious moments be left unseen. Here are his few treasured moments with his dog:

After 10 weeks of being apart due to his filming days…

Captain America’s date on Valentine’s day.

A cute video of Dodger howling while “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” of The Tokens is playing.

Dodger being Chris and Chris being Dodger is the cutest thing.