Will Julie Anne San Jose’s character in “MY GUITAR PRINCESS” finally get her heart’s desire or will she lose the people she loves?

In the last few episodes of My Guitar Princess, Celina (Julie Anne) finds herself fighting not only for her dream to become a singer, but also for her loved ones.

It seems that everything is in place for Celina–Elvis (Kier Legaspi) now knows that he’s her father and has reconciled with her mother Adele (Sheryl Cruz). Adele finally gives in and supports her daughter’s dream of becoming a singer.

But Taylor (Isabelle de Leon) and Mariah (Mickey Ferriols) will stop at nothing to make Celina’s life miserable. Their evil plan is to make Celina lose her voice. However, their strategy backfires after Britney (Jazz Ocampo) drank the poison intended for Celina.

Taylor and Mariah are determined to ruin Celina’s life and career even if it means hurting innocent people in the process. Can Celina protect her loved ones and ultimately stop Taylor and Mariah’s wicked schemes?

First aired last May, the musical rom-com series “MY GUITAR PRINCESS” also features Kapuso heartthrobs Gil Cuerva and Kiko Estrada as Elton and Justin, respectively.

Celina found herself caught between these two guys who fell in love with her and viewers must watch out who will Celina choose: her childhood friend Elton who became a famous pop singer but still went after her or Justin who helped her in becoming the Guitar Princess and will do anything for his love for her. The on-screen chemistry of Julie Anne with her leading men Gil and Kiko has left viewers divided between #TeamElton (for Gil) and #TeamJustin (for Kiko).

Playing important roles as well are Marc Abaya as Elton’s manager, Frank Garcia as George Garcia, Maey Bautista as Yaya Dolly, Marika Sasaki as Celina’s BFF Britney, Ralf King as Justin’s friend Adam, Rob Sy as Michael, and veteran actress Ms. Lui Manansala as Manang Barbra.