Can You Guess Miss Universe Pia Wutzbach’s Favorite K-Pop Band?

Who would ever forget one of the most unforgettable Miss Universe competition in history? The Miss Universe 2015 competition had one of the most iconic and historical error of famous host, Steve Harvey confusing the entire world with the announcement of the winner.

From the most beautiful day of my life. Seeing the most beautiful smiles ❤ I'll never forget it.

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Ever since, a fan group has been supporting the beauty queen and they are known as E.L.F., the fan club of K-pop boy group Super Junior. The very reason why Pia gained P-pop fans is because fellow E.L.F. members found out that Pia is an E.L.F. herself. She even has a K-pop celebrity crush on one of Super Junior’s members, Siwon.

#superjunior #elfsuperjunior #Forever #withsuperjunior ??????????

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According to Soompi, they discovered that Pia was a serious E.L.F., as early as 2009. One netizen retweeted Pia’s old tweets pertaining to Super Junior and Siwon.

In a recent Instagram Live Video of Pia, she mentioned that she is a fan of Super Junior kiddingly remarked that she is not open to other K-pop bands. This became the talk of the town especially with the K-pop fans being happy that a beauty queen is a K-pop fan at heart.

But even before her live broadcast, the community knew that Pia is in fact still an E.L.F. Their reason? Pia wore a sapphire blue gown for her big moment to be crowned Miss Universe 2015. For those who do not know, many K-pop groups and artists have an official color. Super Junior’s so happens to be sapphire blue.

The sapphire blue gown is of course speculation among the K-pop community. Still, word that Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was an E.L.F. eventually reached Super Junior. Even though it is still not confirmed, it’s nice to know that Miss Universe Pia has somehow got a K-Pop fan heart.

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