5 Fabulous Gowns Pinay Celebs Used On Their Debuts

5. Kathryn Bernardo

Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo was born on March 26, 1996 and has been active in the showbiz industry since 2003. She landed on her first main role in the TV Series “Super Inggo” on 2006 and continued to play different roles in other shows ’til present.

On March 29, 2014, she celebrated her debut in a Francis Libiran gown. It was held in Blue Leaf Filipinas studded with many celebrities and personalities.

Alike to Kisses Delavin, Francis Libiran belongs to the A-list of fashion designers in the Philippines.

Kathryn’s strapless gown was off a sweet baby pink hue and had intricate embossed details from the bustier down to the short train of the gown. The base of the gown rocked pink silk while the whole gown was adorned in beading.

Photo credit: Marilou Balangue

Photo credit: Jennie Tan

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