Famed for their tandem on Vince and Kath and James, rising love-tandem JoshLia, composed of Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia have been vocal about their admiration for each other for the past few months. But more than just posts of their movies or of each other, it’s their gestures and heart-capturing captions that gives fans the spine-tingling “kilig”. Let’s scroll through their Instagram accounts to see the numerous times JoshLia made us believe that their affection is more real than reel:

1. This Super Cute (And Close) Selfie of JoshLia

JoshLia first sky-rocketed for their film, Vince and Kath and James which was shown in theaters nationwide last December 25, 2016. It was definitely a treat for the duo’s fans. Julia quickly uploaded a photo of her and Josh on her Instagram account thanking their fans.

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