10 Pinoy Celebs That Transformed From Cuties To Hotties

Most people get their good looks after they hit the awkward stage of puberty. But these celebs have had the attractive gene since their tweens. The only difference? They started out as teen cuties and have now transformed into total hotties. They may have played the role of the cute boy-next-door at the start of the career but they could pass as fitness buffs if you take a look at their abs now. Here’s a list of ten that we’re sure you’ll agree with.

1. Paul Salas

Paul Salas first made waves when he became one of the finalists in StarStruck Kids. In his early career, he took on several roles in GMA’s primtime shows including Mulawin. Paul has always been dubbed as the Philippines’ Justin Bieber, especially through a phase when he had a similar and iconic haircut as to that of the Hollywood star’s. However, for the past years, Paul has certainly showed that he’s no longer the tween that the media once embraced. Thanks to his ripped biceps and toned abs, Paul can easily be called one of show business’s hotties.

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