10 Pinay Celebs Who Will Tempt You To Cut Your Hair Short

A girl’s crowing glory doesn’t always have to be long and grand. Brave girls go to the road that is rarely taken and chop off their hair but still manage to slay and be absolutely gorgeous. Strong, long hair may be convenient to those who want their hair styled and curled but the short hairstyle is the best for people who can pull off the “messy hair look” or even a sleek bob cut.

While many are afraid to cut their hair, here are 10 Pinay celbrities that fearlessly cut their hair short and are going to make you want to chop off your hair too.

1. Jessy Mendiola

Actress and model Jessy Mendiola played the role of Maria Mercedes in 2013 and participated in different movies for the rest of the years. She was one of the 18 talents under Star Magic Batch 15 launched by ABS-CBN. Mendiola bagged the title “No. 1 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines” in 2016 awarded by a men’s magazine. She proved with her hairstyle that the sexiest woman in the Philippines can rock both the long and the short haircut.

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