10 Female Celebs Who Still Look Fresh Even After Hiking

Many choose to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle these days. May it be through exercising, eating healthy or extreme sports–fitness junkies have learnt several ways to keep their bodies in tiptop shape. One of which–being very popular among female celebrities–would be hiking.

Gone are the days where female celebrities are automatically referred to as divas, these days you can spot them hiking the many beautiful mountains in the Philippines. But unlike the average joe, these beauties still look fresh even after a hike. Check out these 10 celebrity actresses who still look fresh event after hiking.

1. Erich Gonzales

Just recently, Erich trended online for being one of the “freshest” hikers you’ll see around. Even after conquering Mt. Batolusong, this beauty still looks glowing.

A post shared by Erich Gonzales (@erichgg) on

A post shared by Erich Gonzales (@erichgg) on

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